• home insurance 08.06.2015 Comments Off on Dangerous dogs

    Do you own a dangerous dog?

    The dog whisperer Cesar Milan says that all dog problems are actually PEOPLE problems.

    Now most of us pet owners with disobedient dogs may not want to hear that at first.

    Lets take the pit bull for example.

    It is both feared and loved by many.

    What is the difference?

    Most of the time it is the human owner according to Cesar!

    The answer according to the dog whisperer?

    1. Treat your dog like a dog not a baby or a child.
    2. Be the pack leader by exuding calm assertion.
    3. Setting rules, boundaries and limitations and always enforcing them.

    Now this isn’t to say that certain breeds have more violent tendencies than others.

    Dog bite statistics prove otherwise.

    Unfortunately insurance companies take this into consideration and can deny coverage based on the breed of your animal

    In the meanwhile if you are looking for home insurance you might want to see if your favorite 4 legged member of the family is listed on the most dangerous list.


  • home insurance 27.11.2014 Comments Off on Regular home maintence and your home insurance

    I know you are busy but don’t neglect your homes maintenance!

    We are all busy.

    Working two jobs.

    Raising a family.

    Soccer practice for the kids Friday night and soccer match on Saturday afternoon.

    Being too busy isn’t an excuse though for neglecting your homes maintenance!

    Taking care of your home is like brushing your teeth twice a day.

    If you don’t do it you will get cavities.

    Even worse your teeth may rot in your mouth!

    So too, simple maintenance jobs around the house can lead to big problems like mold!

    No one wants mold in their home.

    Mold spores can be highly detrimental to your health and your home insurance premiums!

    Why do we say that?

    A loose roofing tile.

    a gutter clogged with leaves and debris.

    Over grown bushes.

    All of these can cause problems before you know it.

    For example, clogged gutters or a roofing shingle that is missing will lead to water leaks in your home.

    Water may drip for months before you realize it!

    IMAGINE black mold growing inside your walls while you sleep at night.

    You may be wondering why your children seem to be sickly all the time…

    Mold could be the culprit.

    It is VERY expensive to repair mold repair properly.

    It could cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair!

    Even WORSE your house will have the STAIN that you once had mold issues.

    Your home insurance premiums go up.

    Maybe even CANCELED!

    PLUS you have to disclose it if you sell the house!

    Isn’t it cheaper to take the time to fix and repair or hire someone to do so for you now…

    • Get your gutters cleaned twice a year
    • visually inspect your roof
    • pressure wash your home and roof to reduce mold

    Than have to pay later with expensive repair bills, health bills and homeowner premiums.

    JSC Enterprises is does pressure washing in Covington Ga