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    Do you own a dangerous dog?

    The dog whisperer Cesar Milan says that all dog problems are actually PEOPLE problems.

    Now most of us pet owners with disobedient dogs may not want to hear that at first.

    Lets take the pit bull for example.

    It is both feared and loved by many.

    What is the difference?

    Most of the time it is the human owner according to Cesar!

    The answer according to the dog whisperer?

    1. Treat your dog like a dog not a baby or a child.
    2. Be the pack leader by exuding calm assertion.
    3. Setting rules, boundaries and limitations and always enforcing them.

    Now this isn’t to say that certain breeds have more violent tendencies than others.

    Dog bite statistics prove otherwise.

    Unfortunately insurance companies take this into consideration and can deny coverage based on the breed of your animal

    In the meanwhile if you are looking for home insurance you might want to see if your favorite 4 legged member of the family is listed on the most dangerous list.


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