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    Unfortunately, not all insurance policies will cover chiropractics. Even when they do have some coverage for it, many times it is meager. We have patients that come in all the time and we have to inform them that their insurance company will not cover their treatment. Sadly, their are many doctors that still do not view chiropractics as a real health science.

    It doesn’t matter what we might personally think. The results should speak for themselves. Take a person that has suffered from back pain due to an accident or an accumulation of problems over the years. What options do they have besides painful physical therapy, life long addictive pain medicine or surgery? Then give them a chance to try 6 months of treatment and notice how they respond to ABC chiropractic adjustments. For example, Robert went to a Nyack chiropractor. Listen to what Robert has to say on this.

    Notice the postural difference between those just starting treatment and just a few moments later.

    We believe that the results speak for themselves. Look at the before and after proof and decide for yourself.

    We are a big believer in chiropractics as a regular part of health maintenance program. ABC chiropractic differs from normal traditional chiropractic adjustments. For example most of the adjustments are made standing up against a wall.

    We invite you to see for yourself. Contact an ABC chiropractor near you to learn more.

    Dr. Bruce Ruderman, is a Nyack chiropractor in the Hudson Valley NY area.

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